1. We Only Pick the Best

With over 200 breeds of goats and more than 80,000 goats nourished across 40 different farms to choose from, GmB strategically sought only the best two breeds to provide the best quality products for you, the Saanen and Alpine. Originating from Saanen Valley of southeast Switzerland and France, the Saanen and Alpine goat offer milk with 2-3% butterfat and 3% compared to other goat breeds that yield butterfat levels between 4-9%. We’re particular about the breed of milk we select so that GmB ensures that you have quality milk without the excess fat.

Saanen Valley
Saanen Valley

2. ​Five-star Service

Happy goats produce high quality milk.
Happy goats produce high quality milk.

Instead of getting our milk sources from overcrowded, unhealthy, drastic climates, our goat milk comes directly from goats raised in the mild climate of the Netherlands. The mild climate is ideal for the goats to be nourished and it is particularly suitable for goat’s health thereby ensuring quality milk and products, as the animals are raised in their ideal climate.

Our dairy supplier ensures that the goats are fed with a special diet and raised to reduce the odor usually found in goat milk.
According to the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA), more goat milk is consumed worldwide than any other form of dairy milk produced by an animal. Certain nutritional properties of goat milk make it the premier choice among dairy products for infant health and adult consumption globally. Studies have shown that goat milk has lower lactose content than cow milk and its protein and fat molecules are much smaller than in cow milk, which makes it easier to digest for some and most infants. While cow milk had an acidic reaction in our digestive system, goat milk is similar to human breast milk in having an alkaline reaction in our digestive system.

Due to its unique nutritional properties and taste, goat milk has the potential to develop into a popular alternative to cow milk in America. Many Americans begin to learn and consume more goat milk due to its high digestible content and low lactose benefits.
It also makes goat milk an excellent food source for improving the conditions of ulcers as it can replace cow milk for those who are allergic to cow milk. It is also a significant source of food for infant diets and those with digestive ailments.

3. ​From Farm to Your Dinning Table

​From farm to factory we keep our goat milk below 4 degrees Celsius. This guarantees that our milk retains its rich flavor and is packaged to you at its highest quality. Maintaining such cool conditions until processing also prevents the milk from being contaminated by modern equipment.

4. Always Exceeding the Expectations and Standards

​GmB goat milk will exceed your expectations. We offer not only nutritional, high quality milk, but a variety of products that will increase your quality of life and health, especially compared to cow milk. Try one of our products today and enjoy the satisfaction of consuming a product that is not only tastes great but is good for you.

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